Hedda Sterne

Drawings 1967 | Special Presentation

23 East 73rd St

February 16 – April 26, 2018

The 1960s was a particularly prolific decade for the artist Hedda Sterne (1910-2011).  Previously in the 50s Sterne explored the urban landscape of New York, her new home after emigrating from Romania.  In the early 60s Sterne's interest turned toward the natural world.  Banded horizons, swarms of insects and dense vegetation are examined with a meditative focus in several important series of paintings and drawings.  In May and June of 1967, Sterne was in residence at Tamarind Lithography Workshop where she created 28 lithographs, including the much lauded "Metaphores and Metamorphoses" suite, of which these nine drawings c. 1967 are unique variations.  Through her intricate and rhythmic mark making, Sterne creates organic forms that toggle between abstraction and representation, which are emblematic of Sterne's experimentation within her working process.   


This special presentation of drawings will take place in our lobby gallery.