Tête à Tête

June 8 – July 8, 2005

Group exhibition Jennifer Bartlett ~ Louise Belcourt ~ James Brooks ~ Tim Davis ~ Richard Diebenkorn Anthony Caro ~ Sharon Ellis ~ Paul Feeley ~ Mark Grotjahn ~ Wade Guyton Barkley Hendricks ~ Howard Hodgkin ~ Hans Hofmann ~ Christian Holstad ~ Jerald Ieans ~ Daniel Kopp ~ Jacob Lawrence ~ Edward Lipski ~ Eva Lundsager ~ Brice Marden ~ Marilyn Minter ~ Chris Ofili ~ Ray Parker ~ Lamar Peterson ~ Monique Prieto ~ Gerhard Richter ~ Dorothea Rockburne ~ Mickalene Thomas ~ Mark Rothko ~ Andy Warhol ~ John Wesley

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition titled Tête à Tête, on view from June 8 – July 8, 2005. Organized by artist and curator Augusto Arbizo, the show features work by over 30 artists: modern and contemporary masters in dialogue with living artists both established and emerging, grouping works by each in spirited ‘conversations’.

The show will feature drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture from varying genres and periods in efforts to reconcile generational differences with formal and conceptual affinities. The show attempts to bridge deceptively ambiguous gaps as well as highlight obvious antecedents. For example, a little known suite of silkscreens titled ‘Abstract Sculpture’ by Andy Warhol is installed with ‘paintings’ by young conceptual artist Wade Guyton. Radiant lines connect drawings by Mark Grotjahn and Dorothea Rockburne. A 70s portrait by Barkley Hendricks is paired with a recent ‘Diva Fiction’ by Kurt Kauper. Humor and sharp wit bring together the brightly graphic work of Lamar Peterson and John Wesley. The intimate newsprint drawings of James Brooks and Christian Holstad – while made 50 years apart – prove harmonious side by side. Gerhard Richter and Tim Davis subvert the relationship between photography and painting. And a more formal group of paintings puts into play the multi-hued and stacked forms of Paul Feeley and Ray Parker with contemporary examples by Jerald Ieans and Monique Prieto.

The groupings and arrangements in Tête à Tête will not merely endeavor to solicit a critical spirit, inviting contrast and comparison. Instead, it will bring together images and artworks with shared and linked histories in simpatico.

Greenberg Van Doren is located at 730 5th Ave. at 57th St. NY NY 10019. Summer Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-5. For more information, please contact the gallery at 212.445.0444.

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Tête à Tête

Curated by Augusto Arbizo

June 8 – July 8, 2005

Paired Artists in Exhibition
Jennifer Bartlett ~ Louise Belcourt
James Brooks ~ Christian Holstad
Richard Diebenkorn ~ Brice Marden
Anthony Caro ~ Edward Lipski
Sharon Ellis ~ Daniel Kopp
Paul Feeley ~ Jerald Ieans
Barkley Hendricks ~ Kurt Kauper
Hans Hofmann ~ Eva Lundsager
Jacob Lawrence ~ Chris Ofili
Marilyn Minter ~ Mickalene Thomas
Ray Parker ~ Monique Prieto
Gerhard Richter ~ Tim Davis
Dorothea Rockburne ~ Mark Grotjahn
Mark Rothko ~ Howard Hodgkin
Andy Warhol ~ Wade Guyton
John Wesley ~ Lamar Peterson

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery 730 5th Avenue New York NY 10019 T: 212-445-0444

Summer Hours: Monday through Friday 10-5 PM